Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards

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Hey kids, remember the days of Garbage Pail Kids and Wacky Packages Trading Cards? Remember those old B-Movies you used to watch, the ones with the cheesy monsters? Well, combined the worst of all those with the concept of Alarm Clocks. What we ended up with are…”Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards (Series 1)“. Click on each card to see a larger version!

Collect ’em all, and make your life miserable!

  1. The Screaming Mom Alarm Clock (show an evil mom screaming at a young guy to wake him up)
  2. The Alien Abduction Alarm Clock (show aliens lifting someone from their bed)
  3. The Your House is on Fire Alarm Clock (person’s room is on fire as he lays in bed)
  4. The Dog-Just-Wet-Your-Bed Alarm Clock (show someone sleeping in a puddle in his bed, with a large, embarrassed-looking dog looking at him)
  5. The “Wake Up…You’re Already Dead” Alarm Clock (show a ghost lifting up from a body on a bed)
  6. The A-Bomb Alarm Clock (show a bed with an atomic “mushroom cloud” floating above it)
  7. The Zombie Apocalypse Really Happened Alarm Clock (show a group of zombies walking into someone’s bedroom)
  8. The Earthquake, Monsoon or Erupting Volcano Alarm Clock (show a volcano on a bed with lava erupting from it, with a huge tidal wave approaching the bed)
  9. The “You’re On The Titanic and it’s Sinking” Alarm Clock (show an iceberg outside the bedroom window, with the bed sinking into water like it’s a ship)
  10. The “You’re Fired!” Alarm Clock (show someone’s boss standing before a guy’s bed. the boss is pointing a finger at him angrily and is holding a pink piece of paper with the headline, “Pink Slip” on it)
  11. The “I Knew I Shouldn’t Have Eaten Those Beans” Alarm Clock (show a thick, dark cloud of gas surrounding someone as he’s laying on a bed. fart noise words float in the air, such as ‘Pfffttt. Poof. Blaaaap’)
  12. The “Your Neighbor Just Got Home from the Late Shift & Is Listening to Death Metal” Alarm Clock (show a Death Metal guitarist standing near some guy’s pillow, playing guitar as he lays there)
  13. The “Godzilla Is Destroying Your Bedroom” Alarm Clock (show Godzilla breathing fire towards someone who’s laying on his bed)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our little trip down Nightmare Avenue.

The next time you get annoyed by the beeping alarm sound you hear when using, please keep this in mind: things could be even worse!

Preview Image: Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards

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