An Online Clock Radio for your Web Browser

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When we started back in early 2003, we were, to the best of our knowledge, the world’s first website devoted entirely to being an alarm clock you can use in your web browser.

With this kind of history behind us it’s with pride that we announce the release of the Beta version of a new invention: the Online Clock Radio which is, you guessed it, simply a clock radio with an alarm which you can use entirely for free at any time in any modern web browser. releases the world's first Online Clock Radio releases the first Clock Radio for your Web Browser

You might remember those big, clunky plastic digital clock radios from the 1970’s? You know, where about 2 tons of plastic were involved in the creation of each clock radio. They usually had glowing red LED displays and were clunkier as all heck…well, it’s with pride that we remind you of those bygone days of alarm clock history with the introduction of the world’s first ever online clock radio. Our online clock radio is easy to use and it can be simply accessed by anyone at anytime, as long as the have a web browser and an internet connection.

Why an online version of the good old fashioned clock radio ?

We think this is the logical next step of using internet radio. The wide selection of internet radio stations currently available makes the combination of an internet radio and a digital alarm clock together in one simple website an obviously useful tool, especially for those persons who for whatever reason have to have their computers or laptops on anyway.

At we do like to remind you that it is better to turn off your computer at night before you go to sleep to help save energy and be friendly to the environment. But if you’re in your office and need a quick alarm function or would just like to browse our great selection of internet radio stations, then we highly encourage you to drop by our site and take the world’s first Internet Clock Radio for a test drive!

Please note: the online clock radio is currently in a Beta status and not all functions may be fully working yet. We’ve especially noticed some irregularities in the Opera and Safari web browsers, though all appears to be working properly in Firefox and MS Internet Explorer.

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