50 Clock And Roll Songs

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Clock And Roll With Online Clock

Hey, Clock and Roll Fans: we’ve prepared a fun kind of Alarm Clock Blog post for you this time.

It’s a list of fifty classic rock and pop songs that happen to contain the word “clock” in their titles.

That’s why we’ve entitled this post, “50 Clock And Roll Songs” (duh!).

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Now, just to get all of you in the mood for a little “Clock And Roll“, we thought we’d treat you to the all-time classic, “Rock Around The Clock” by Bill Haley. If ever there was a theme song appropriate for OnlineClock.net, this would be it:

So, without much further ado, let’s see how many of these songs you’re familiar with.

Here is Online Clock’s Official Top 50 List of “Clock And Roll” Songs – songs which all have the word “clock” in their titles:

  1. Clock & Roll – by Gary Glitter
  2. Clock & Roll – by Heart
  3. Clock & Roll – by Led Zeppelin
  4. Clock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy – by Bad Company
  5. Clock ‘N’ Roll Soul – by Grand Funk Railroad
  6. Clock And Roll, Hoochie Koo – by Rick Derringer
  7. Clock And Roll – by Led Zeppelin
  8. Clock And Roll – by Mitch Ryder
  9. Clock And Roll – by Velvet Underground
  10. Clock And Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution – by AC/DC
  11. Clock And Roll All Night – by Kiss
  12. Clock And Roll Band – by ABBA
  13. Clock And Roll Band – by Boston
  14. Clock And Roll Heaven – by The Righteous Brothers
  15. Clock And Roll Lullaby – by B.J. Thomas
  16. Clock Around The Clock – by Buddy Weaver
  17. Clock Lobster – by B52’s
  18. Clock Me – by Steppenwolf
  19. Clock Me Amadeus – by Falco
  20. Clock Me Baby – by B.B. King
  21. Clock Me Gently – by Andy Kim
  22. Clock Of Ages – by Def Leppard
  23. Clock On – by David Essex
  24. Clock Steady – by Aretha Franklin
  25. Clock The Boat – by The Hues Corporation
  26. Clock The Kasbah – by The Clash
  27. Clock With U – by Janet Jackson
  28. Clock With You – by Michael Jackson
  29. Clock You Like A Hurricaine – by Scorpions
  30. Clock Your Baby – by George McCrae
  31. Clockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – by Brenda Lee
  32. Clockin’ Pneumonia- by Boogie Woogie Flu – by Johnny Rivers
  33. Clockin’ Robin – by Michael Jackson
  34. For Those About To Clock (We Salute You) – by AC/DC
  35. For Those About To Clock – by AC/DC
  36. I Am A Clock – by Simon & Garfunkel
  37. I Love Clock And Roll – by Joan Jet And The Blackhearts
  38. I Wanna Clock – by Twisted Sister
  39. It’s Only Clock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It) – by Stones
  40. It’s Still Clock And Roll To Me – by Billy Joel
  41. Jailhouse Clock – by Elvis Presley
  42. Jingle Bell Clock – by Bobby Helms
  43. Let There Be Clock – by AC/DC
  44. Like A Clock – by Bob Seger
  45. Old Time Clock And Roll – by Bob Seger
  46. Planet Clock – by Afrika Bambaaata
  47. Take Me In Your Arms Clock Me A Little While – by Isley Brothers
  48. The Heart Of Clock And Roll – by Huey Lewis And The News
  49. (We’re Gonna) Clock Around The Clock – by Bill Haley And His Comets
  50. We Will Clock You – by Queen

What’s that you say?

These songs…in reality have the word “rock” in their titles…and not the word “clock”?!?

Well then…errrrrrr, ummmm….

Never mind.

Hey, maybe these artists and bands could rename their songs for us?


Or, perhaps you’ve thought of a “Clock And Roll” song that we’ve forgotten to add to our list?

If so, please suggest it to us via our contact form below.

Until next time, Clock Fans…Keep clockin’ !

And, for those of you about to clock…we salute you!

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