Clocks That Run Backwards

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Backwards Running Clock

Do you ever wish you could turn back time?

Here at Online Clock we’ve seen just about everything when it comes to clocks.

We’ve reported on alarm clocks that fly, alarm clocks that explode, alarm clocks out of paper and who knows what else. You name it: we’ve seen a clock for it.

So it was with great joy and abandon that we discovered something new in the field of clocks the other day: clocks that run backwards.

We have no idea who would want such a crazy clock.

The concept of a backwards running clock is pretty subversive, you have to admit. The whole purpose of a clock is to display accurate time so, by deliberately obscuring the correct time, you’re basically unclocking the clock…or making it less clocky or…well, you get the idea.

All Backwards Running Clocks seem to share two common traits:

  1. Their numerals run in the different direction (first you see the 11, and then the 10, etc…looking in a clockwise motion around the dial)
  2. Their hands actually run counter-clockwise (and this is what we find real freaky with these clocks!)
Backwards Running Watch

There are even Backward Running Wristwatches you can buy. (Heck, I guess some people will spend a lot of money just to try to be different!)

Here at Online Clock World Headquarters we can easily imagine someone waking up to one of these backward clocks in their room and thinking they’re having the worst nightmare or hangover of their life.

These peculiar backwards running clocks are reminiscent of Dali’s images of melting clocks….because they take the very idea of showing the current time and they warp this concept, almost beyond the point of recognition .

So, perhaps with a little effort you can still tell the time with one of these backwards-running clocks, but obviously, that’s not their main purpose. You would really only have one of these gadgets in your home for decoration purposes.

Here’s a video showing an actual Backwards Running Clock in action, so that you can get the real feel for how disconcerting these strange objects actually are in person:

And here we’ve found a video which displays the installation of possibly the World’s Biggest Backwards Clock. Or, as its YouTube description reads:


installation of the 20ft diameter backwards clock for Tobar, in Elough, Beccles, Suffolk, UK

Can we divulge some personal secrets here?

Compared to a lot of people, we probably have some strange artifacts in our home. We’re talking vintage Japanese monster posters from the 1960s, a Frankenstein mask hanging up on the lavatory wall and even a plastic elk’s head trophy hanging above our refrigerator. BUT, a backwards running clock?! No way, we wouldn’t buy one, and we sure as heck wouldn’t hang one of these things up in our home. Each time we’d look at it, we’d probably think that we’d gone mad.

But you can go ahead and buy one.

Just don’t invite us over.

And we’ll keep running backwards…away from you.

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