Cyber Bird Alarm

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The Cyber Bird Alarm Clock is a sleek, modern alarm clock that comes with something extra: a small electronic bird attached to the top of it.

The idea of the Cyber Bird Alarm Clock is an interesting one.

This 100% digital, electronic device should remind us of something natural that we certainly used to be awakened by, back in the time when we slept in caves and within the hollowed trunks of trees. That’s right, the alarm clock sound is the sound of an electronic bird chirping.

Of course, we also proudly offer a 100% digital alarm clock.

But we’re not repentant that it’s far removed from nature. Instead, we think digital is cool.

Although we do offer some basic Nature Sounds on our clock radio.

(The nature sounds thing, hmmm…sometimes nature sounds are nice and soothing to listen to. But at other times they are indescribably cheesy and really get on your nerves. This post was written with nature sounds playing in the background, and although I actually hate this kind of music, the blasted thundershower sound effects have me reaching to change to the Metal Channel.)

This chirping electronic bird alarm clock, however, is trying to play both sides of the fence: you got your nature, you got your digital. OK, it’s a free world, but something in me finds this to be…just a little messed up.

Is a Cyber Bird your idea of cute?

Is a Cyber Bird your idea of cute?


Or is a Cyber Bird instead your idea of a Monster from Hell?!

Or is a Cyber Bird instead your idea of a Monster from Hell?!

The Cyber Bird Alarm Clock is kind of a novel idea, as far as Alarm Clock Gadgets are concerned, but it’s not something that would make me go search for my wallet in a hurry, if you know what I mean.

What this clock does have is a snazzy red L.E.D. digital display that we find neat-o.

Still, if a chirping bionic bird is just your kind of thang, why don’t you hot-foot it on over to and purchase your new dream cyber pet right now.

The Cyber Bird Alarm Clock is made out of real plastic and will cost you about twenty pounds, which is equal to about, what, 2000 US dollars, right?



Watch out for those droppings on your bedside night table!

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