Flying Alarm Clock

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Today the Alarm Clock Blog presents the Flying Alarm Clock, another innovative alarm clock that takes to the air, somewhat similar to the Helicopter Alarm Clock we reported on earlier.

The Flying Alarm Clock confronts the problem some people have of being able to turn off their alarm clocks too easily. We all know that a good night’s sleep is a very beautiful thing, and sometimes it’s hard to find the motivation necessary to propel us out of bed and into the shower to prepare for work. Mondays are especially bad.

So we’ve created the evil snooze button and most of us have learned how to turn our alarm clocks‘ alarms off in our sleep (or half-sleep), which defeats their purpose.

Well, the Flying Alarm Clock combats the problem of being able to turn your alarm off too easily by launching its propeller into the air when the alarm begins to ring.

In order to turn the annoying sound off, you have to find out where the flying propeller has finally landed, and then reinsert the piece into the clock’s base. Until then, the alarm sound will continue to annoy the heck out you.

Here at the Alarm Clock Blog we give the Flying Alarm Clock high points on innovation but, having taken a look at the device in numerous videos, it certainly doesn’t look very stabile or made out of particularly fine materials.

At its price of under $15, the Flying Alarm Clock is definitely affordable, but it just doesn’t look like the kind of quality device you want to keep on display next to your bed.  So – kudos for the concept, points off for the execution.

If you find that you’re turning your clock’s alarm off too easily in the morning, we suggest that you:

  1. Move your laptop far away from your bed and turn it on.
  2. Turn up your laptop’s volume.
  3. Open your laptop’s browser to the Online Alarm Clock
  4. Set the alarm on our alarm clock to your desired time.

It doesn’t fly, but our alarm clock’s sound is annoying enough to wake you from the dead…or at least a dead night’s sleep.

And you even save fifteen bucks.

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