Introducing Online Clock’s Task Planner

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We’re Grateful for our Popularity

For a creator of websites, there’s no better satisfaction than receiving a lot of resonance from the public at large for what you’ve created. In other words: discovering that your website has become truly popular.

Here at Online Clock, we’re thrilled to be enjoying this kind of popularity.  Besides just taking look at usage statistics for our website, we get some of the best evidence of this from real-life experiences of meeting new people and then telling them that we run; then, often getting a response like, “Hey, I know that site…it helped me wake up on time for class the whole time I was in college!”.

But there are still a few people out there who, for whatever reasons, prefer using old-school alarm clocks instead of waking up via our newfangled web-based version.

For this reason, we have been creating a whole arsenal of different timers, stopwatches, countdowns and online clock tools of various kinds since launching our original online alarm clock back in 2006.

Time, Why You No Manage Yourself ? (Meme)

How Can We Continue To Grow?

One thing we’ve discovered through the years is that a lot of people use our various online alarm clocks during the day and on the job.

This, combined with feedback being sent to us from loyal users, tells us that many people use Online Clock not just to wake up to…but also as a kind of simple time management tool.

(That’s right: our various alarms also work great as online reminders. There are many more uses for them besides simply waking yourself up in the morning!)

If you begin researching the subject of time management at all, you quickly discover that there’s an entire industry built up around this subject.

There are large software companies producing complicated behemoths of desktop software which are designed to help workers and bosses everywhere to better manage their time.

Since we now know that many of you are using for this kind of task anyway, we wanted to create a product especially geared toward this segment of users. With this in mind, we now proudly introduce you to the new Task Planner function on the Online Clock website.

Your Lack of Productivity... (Darth Vader)

What is the Task Planner and What Does It Do?

By creating this new task planner tool, Online Clock hopes to be giving everyone a mega-simple way to focus their attentions on one task at a time.

If you take a look at the tool, there are no multiple fields for multiple tasks. Instead, we want you to focus on doing one thing and one thing only. Too much time is wasted on task glut, or the fact that your actual To Do list may be 15 pages long. If you’re as busy as most people we know, you may easily become overwhelmed by taking a look at the big picture and seeing the entire multitude of tasks that are expected of you.

For this reason, we decided to help you break your work down to individual tasks:

Do one thing. Set a timer or an alarm for it. Crank it out…get it done…then go on to the next item on your To Do list.

It’s often been said that women handle multitasking better than men. That’s an area of discussion worthy of its own blog post. Suffice it to say that, after having worked in the IT industry for over a dozen years, we know from experience that attempting to multitask usually results in confusion…springing back and forth from one kind of task to another is not the most efficient way to get your work done. Instead, more can be achieved, and with a higher quality of output, by simply focusing on one task; by temporarily putting the blinders on and just devoting your energy to one task at a time.

By dividing up large jobs into smaller segments, individual tasks become easier to manage and more palatable.

Indeed, there are many good reasons to focus your energies on doing one thing at a time, and doing it well!

How To Use the Task Planner

The idea for our Task Planner had actually been mulling about in the back of our brains for over a year. It was clear that we wanted to begin developing in the direction of Time Management software. But we wanted to do it the Online Clock way: keeping things mega-simple, and keeping our user interface as minimally-designed as possible.

The result is what you see here:

You’ll see a web form in which you enter the name of the job or task you should be working on right now.

Then, you have the option of choosing a deadline for it using either an alarm via an Online Alarm Clock or an alarm via a Timer.

There are several differences between these two kind of reminder functions, and that’s the reason why we wanted to offer both of them as separate options:

Using an Online Alarm Clock for your Task Planner:

  • Designed for longer tasks (for deadlines can be scheduled up to 24 hours into the future)
  • Shows the actual time using a large digital clock display
  • Displays your alarm time in the title of your browser tab
  • Has a snooze function

Using a Timer for your Task Planner:

  • Designed for more short-term tasks (for deadlines can be scheduled up to 90 minutes into the future)
  • Shows just the amount of time remaining, counting down until your alarm
  • Has a dynamic display of time remaining which appears in the title of your browser tab
  • Warns you if you’re going to leave the page while having a timer set
  • Gives you the option to PAUSE your timer temporarily (i.e.: for a break, or if your task gets interrupted by a co-worker)
  • Also has a snooze function

In summary, we recommend using the Timer for planning shorter tasks and the Alarm Clock function for tasks that will take you a longer period of time to accomplish.

Task Planner Timer

Our Task Planner’s Timer Function: We used it to write this blog post !

Using the Task Planner should be so easy that most of you should consider it a “no-brainer”. However, if you do need more detailed instructions, please take a look at our Task Planner FAQs.

Basically, using it boils down to these Simple Steps:

  1. Visit our Task Planner’s start page
  2. Enter in the name of the Task you want to work on
  3. Choose either an alarm time for the Online Alarm Clock function or an alarm time for the Timer
  4. Click on the button marked “Schedule Task” to begin your task’s countdown
  5. Leave your web browser tab open to our Task Planner (which will now display either an Alarm Clock or an Online Timer)
  6. When your allotted time is up, an Alarm Sound will go off
  7. You then have the option of either turning the Alarm Off (if your task is done) or “Snoozing” (extending) your alarm time, thus giving yourself additional time to finish your task!

That’s it ! Try it.

Productivity Dashboard

Productivity Dashboard: And NO, that is not a photo of the author !

What About That Snooze Thing?

Long-term fans of Online Clock may remember that, for quite a while now, we’ve been arguing that snooze functions are evil. When it comes to waking up in the morning, we still feel this same way! However, using an Online Clock as a Task Planner at work means that you will sometimes get interrupted by your boss or co-worker coming over to your desk and asking questions, or expecting something else to be done. Or, it could simply be that you’ll need to take a break sometimes. If this is the case, we’ve got you covered 😉

That’s about it.

We hope that the new Task Planner application is as easy to use as our other Online Clocks.

Please share it with your friends, co-workers and family members and feel free to give us feedback regarding this, Online Clock‘s first step into the realm of developing Time Management and Productivity-Enhancing Software!

We’re proud of the fact that all of our various Online Clocks continue to be free to use, and don’t even require any kind of user registration. The future of software is online…

Just visit our site…use an Online Clock and get more done!

We wish all of you great success, with all of your tasks. 🙂

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