The Most Expensive Clocks And Watches

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Expensive Clocks & Watches - Alarm Clock Blog

If you’re like us, you’re satisfied with a simple digital wristwatch that buy once every couple of years from one of the big discount chains.

But there are also a lot of people who place a high priority on having an expensive clock or watch, partly due to its significance as status symbol, and partly due to the fact that an expensive watch is really considered a piece of jewelry, and many people apparently just like to own stuff like this.

Average people asked to consider the most expensive timepiece they know of will usually reply “Rolex“, referring to the very popular Swiss luxury watch company.

Rolex watches are crafted carefully and made with only the highest quality materials. What determines how much one of these eye-catching accessories will cost is dependent on how complex the features of the watch are and the materials used. Another factor determining the price is how many of a specific version are released. Some pieces are unique and consequently are priced extremely high.

The most inexpensive new Rolex wristwatch averages around $2,000.00 for the very basic design. Very exquisite watches are priced upwards of $10,000.00, with some priced more than $25,000.00 if luxury materials are used. Rolex watches exceeding $25,000.00 often include precious materials such as high quality gold, diamonds or platinum.

Customized Rolex watches are often made to fit the individual tastes of wealthy customers. Perhaps a customer would like a platinum Rolex with a gold lining, a solid gold faceplate and flawless 1/10 karat diamonds with perfect clarity to mark each hour on the faceplate. This would require over 1 karat of flawless diamond which would of course be well over $10,000.00. The watch may end up costing about $150,000.00; time for crafting and testing the watch must also be factored into the price in addition to materials. The most expensive Rolex in history was the unique Paul Newman Rolex, costing approximately $350,000.00.

Similar to the price of the most expensive Rolex is the price of the most expensive clock in the world.

La Machine a Ecrire le Temps” crafted by Jaquet Droz is valued at $342,275.00. With more than 1,200 components, this clock is an innovative and unique futuristic-looking machine, able to write the current time on paper (!). Of course the machine is far more than just an average clock, but its composition is so phenomenal it is definitely worth mentioning.

Take a look at how “La Machine a Ecrire le Temps” can write down the current time on a piece of paper in this short video (interesting certainly, but one must ask the question, “Why?”):

Some of the most expensive clocks are antique clocks.

Due to their rarity and the famous skilled craftsmen in history who designed them, many antique clocks are among the most valuable on the market today. Antique grandfather clocks from the Black Forest, Swiss and French clock craftsmen are highly sought novelties by antique clock connoisseurs, selling for prices between $10,000.00 and $75,000.00. Another very valuable antique clock is the cuckoo clock. Depending on the condition of the materials and features, some of these clocks generally average between $300.00 and $10,000.00; some very rare clocks are valued higher. Because cuckoo clocks originated in the Black Forest area of Germany, pieces from this region are some of the most coveted subjects among antique cuckoo clocks.

Dent is a company in London famous for luxury clocks and watches. This company boasts the accomplishment of crafting London’s magnificent four-faced clock on the structure often called “Big Ben“. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell that chimes, but the name of the clock featured on the tower is “The Westminster Clock”. From mantle clocks to architectural clocks, Dent produces some of the most valuable timepieces in the world. Each piece is meticulously planned and perfected.

Mantle clocks with elaborate designs and substances of pure precious metals are popular and sought by many customers. Vintage or used simple Dent clocks may be found for around $1,000.00. New Dent clocks range between $10,000.00 and $25,000.00 for pieces from signature collections. Watches are also made of these precious metals and diamonds; prices range between $300.00 and well into the upper thousands for these luxury time-telling ornaments. Dent’s architectural clocks such as The Westminster Clock are made by contract. Many of their masterpieces are found on structures throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Flavor Flav Clock

Flavor Flav from Public Enemy showing off an expensive clock?

In contemporary times, one of the most expensive timepiece categories is grandfather clocks. Some of the most costly and revered luxury clocks sought today are Hentschel grandfather-style clocks. Upscale of $10,000.00, since 1890 these clocks have been carefully hand-crafted of the highest quality wood, brass and durable glass. Hentschel offers several different varieties of grandfather clocks with simple to exquisite details.

While antique cuckoo clocks are still popular today, new cuckoo clocks are even more popular. Most clock collectors seek the chalet-styled cuckoo clocks. The three types of the chalet cuckoo clock are Swiss, Bavarian and Black Forest. Hand crafted, each piece is unique and varies in price depending upon which craftsman designed it. Switzerland is the country where the expensive novelties are produced. Prices for these melodious treasures begin around $1,500.00. Unique or specially crafted clocks may cost several thousand more.

One thing is sure; a clock’s value is measured upon the appreciation for the creator, the time spent crafting and the cost of the goods used in its manufacture.

As with any other tangible item, luxury timepieces are worth exactly the price the consumer values them at and is willing to pay for them.

As for us, we’ll stick with using our free online alarm clock, and a digital clock that cost us less than twenty bucks! 🙂

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