The Most Hated Sounds In The World

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Although most of us need to use some kind of an alarm clock, many people like to make jokes about how much they hate hearing the sound of their alarm going off. But is your alarm clock’s alarm sound really one of the most hated sounds in the world? Our research indicates otherwise, as you can see in our Infographic below…

Online Alarm Clock's Most Hated Sounds Infographic

Whenever human beings hear an ugly sound, The Amygdala, which is the emotional part of the brain, modulates the auditory part of the brain so that our perception of the negative noise is heightened. This is why ugly sounds seem so intense when we hear them.

The Sound Humans Love To Hate The Most:

The Online Alarm Clock’s alarm sound: it’s an annoying beep, beep, beep that has been affectionately referred to as “The Sound of Robotic Crickets Mating“, but it’s truly effective at getting you up and at ’em, even at lower volume levels!

[ Pssst: If you really need to use different alarm sounds, you can use just about any YouTube Video as your alarm sound with our Video Alarm Clock. ]

Or here…check out the cool Motion Infographic or video version of “Online Clock’s Most Hated Sounds”:

If you like our Infographic or our Video, please feel free to share it on your blog or your favorite Social Media website! Here’s a preview image to make it look good when you share it:

Preview Image: Most Hated Sounds Infographic

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this…but we’re quite sure that we had even MORE FUN making it for you…


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