Online Alarm Clock Games

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Online Alarm Clock Games

There’s something oddly exciting about seeing a new section pop up on, isn’t there?

Well, we think you’re going to like our newest addition to the family. If you head to our home page, you’ll find a new link titled “Can’t Sleep?” Because many of our users rely on the Online Alarm Clock to wake them up in the morning, a few of you probably browse the site while battling insomnia. Sometimes the best answer to insomnia isn’t to try to force sleep but rather to treat your mind to a little bit of nighttime stimulation. Our new online games are relaxing, simple, and just the ticket for those long nights when sleep seems a million miles away.

The Dreaded Specter of Insomnia

Most of us have experienced insomnia at some point in our lives. While chronic sleeplessness should be addressed by changes in your lifestyle and/or medical intervention, it’s normal to have trouble falling asleep from time to time. Some estimates say that as much as 40 percent of the adult population struggles with insomnia in any given year. 10 to 15 percent of those adults have chronic issues with the disorder. Our Online Alarm Clock Games aren’t meant to cure chronic insomnia, but they may work perfectly to address the occasional problem.

The Online Gaming Generation

The concept of online browser games is unlikely to be a new one for most of our visitors. According to the latest research, nearly 60 percent of the country plays video games of some sort(!). Some choose to play on a console, others prefer online games, and many more have found themselves enthralled with mobile games. Our new online games certainly don’t aspire to be the next installment of Call of Duty, but the simple approach is best when you’re trying to get your brain to settle down and go to sleep.

Insomnia and Gaming

If you have 40 percent of Americans struggling to sleep and 60 percent playing video games, logic would suggest there is at least some overlap in the two demographics. While studies have shown that video games can actually cause insomnia, the online browser games we’ve introduced to the site aim for just the opposite. These are simple games that don’t require you to wake up and think about your choices. They don’t require a great deal of coordination and skill. These are games meant to hit your relaxation center in a way most modern games don’t.

Introducing the Online Alarm Clock Games Section

For years, we’ve prided ourselves on expanding the site every chance we get. Not content with merely being the Web’s number one destination for clocks and timers, we’ve introduced background videos, blog articles on sleep and time management, an online radio, and much more. When we learned that many of our visitors were fans of online games, adding a section devoted to simple browser games was a no-brainer. The Online Alarm Clock Games include:

Online Crystal Ball

Online Crystal Ball - Online Alarm Clock Games

Our sour-faced fortune teller will answer any question you ask him. With answers that range from thoughtful to hilariously abstract, the Online Crystal Ball will give you plenty to think about while you doze into a peaceful slumber.

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe - Online Alarm Clock Games

What could be simpler than a rousing game of Tic Tac Toe? If you haven’t played this childhood classic since you were a kid, you may find it a perfect way to wind down after a tough day. Test your time-worn strategies against the computer.


Pong - Online Alarm Clock Games

It wasn’t the first arcade game to be developed, but Pong managed to achieve mainstream popularity before Pac-Man was a twinkle in his creator’s eye. Now that classic game is back and on our site! Challenge the computer to a vigorous tennis match. Don’t worry; you won’t break a sweat.

Reflex Tester

Reflex Tester - Online Alarm Clock Games

This simple game is designed to see how fast you can react to a certain event. In this case, you will be asked to click a button when a box changes colors. If you notice your reaction time slowing, it might be time to give sleep another try!

Lucky Number Generator

Lucky Number Generator - Online Alarm Clock Games

Everyone needs a little bit of luck in their lives. If you believe in the power of numbers, our Lucky Number Generator may be able to unlock your good fortune. Maybe the comfort of knowing your lucky numbers will bring you the peace of mind necessary for restful sleep.

Roll Dice Online

Roll Dice Online - Online Alarm Clock Games

The great thing about dice is their randomness. You can use them in a variety of situations whenever you need chance to decide something. A lot of us run into problems sleeping because a difficult decision is weighing us down. You may not want to trust fate to make major life decisions for you, but maybe it can help you decide where to eat lunch tomorrow!


Play Snake Online - Online Alarm Clock Games

What is it about the simplest games that seem to addict us the most? Few games are as simple as Snake, but the challenge of collecting as many red boxes as possible will keep you occupied while you wait for your brain to wind down. Don’t let your snake hit the edges!

Flip a Coin

Flip A Coin - Online Alarm Clock Games

If our Roll Dice Online game gave you too many options, maybe you need to reduce fate to just a couple of choices. Our Flip a Coin game will give you a random heads-or-tails result, giving you an excellent way to decide whether to play more games or try sleep one more time.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper Scissors - Online Alarm Clock Games

Believe it or not, the concept behind this competition goes back 2,000 years to the Chinese Han Dynasty. Now you can play it at Interestingly, the Chinese must also be given credit for having some of the world’s first mechanical clocks, which started turning up around 725 A.D.

Online Stopwatch Games

Online Stopwatch Games - Online Alarm Clock

If this collection of games isn’t enough for you, we’ve also linked out to our Stopwatch Games. These three games take advantage of our online stopwatch by providing timed challenges that can get your reflexes moving.

Games and sports have been around as long as written history, and they may have existed long before then. We use online games to challenge ourselves, pass the time, and keep our brains sharp. It may seem counter-intuitive to turn to games when you can’t sleep, but we believe that a quick round of Tic Tac Toe or Snake may be just the solution for the occasional wide-awake evening! Next time you can’t get across the bridge to Dreamland, try our Online Alarm Clock Games instead of counting sheep. Just don’t forget to set your alarm before you drift off!

And finally…a further bit of background information regarding why we added this new Online Alarm Clock Games section to our site.

Not All Of Our Web Projects “Make It”

Just about everyone who’s been active on the Internet for the last eight years is familiar with our Online Alarm Clock. But the truth is, we’ve actually created dozens of different websites over the years. Some of them become popular in their own way, such as our online text editor, or our online decision maker, but some of them do tend to linger in obscurity.

One such site that was lingering in obscurity was our simple online games site that we are now taking offline. Although the site failed to reached a decent-sized audience while it was online, we still think that the content (the mini browser games found on the site) is pretty cool, and would find its audience, if somehow introduced to enough people. That’s why we came up with the idea of taking the original games site offline and moving this content over to

Of course, most of you probably don’t need to know this and probably don’t care; but we just wanted you to get the entire story, since we’re writing about our new Games Section here at length.

No Late Night Gaming! (Meme)

No late night gaming! (Yeah, right)

So please…next time that you can’t sleep, or at any time of the day that you could use a few minutes of fun, check out our simple Online Alarm Clock Games which are now online and, like everything else on, free for everyone to use…with no user registration required!

Please let us know what you think of our new games section, and make recommendations for new kinds of games for us to add, by using the comments form below!

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