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Editor’s Note: You might ask, why are we publishing this, which is essentially a press release, on our own blog? It’s because we find that many press release sites have unfortunately become pretty spammy in this modern age… has released new Ambient Background Wallpapers, which you can now find live on the Online Clock website.

After eight years of giving users the tools they need to track time and stay productive, the Internet’s original Online Alarm Clock site once again ups the ante.

For nearly eight years, has been the standard-bearer when it comes to free time tools on the Internet. Never satisfied with resting on their laurels, the popular site has now added ambient background videos to its ever-growing array of clocks and timers.

“The time was right for this,” says the owner/creator of “One of our original goals with the site was to provide users with a tool that could keep them focused on their work. These background videos have been specifically chosen for their calming qualities. Waterfalls, fireplaces, aquariums.” He laughs before adding, “You’ll either get a lot of work done, or you’ll be fast asleep in no time.”

Videos featuring soothing background ambience are nothing new, of course. Fireplace simulation DVDs have been around as long as the players themselves. By integrating these sounds and visuals into their already-useful clock feature, however, once again raises the bar. Users have the option of turning on these backgrounds with the click of the mouse, and the site provides a number of options for customizing the experience after that. Clock size, sound control (by choosing videos without sound), and background type are all modifiable.

Studies have shown that most people are more productive when they can block out the mania around them. Work-at-home moms, workers contending with a noisy office, and students who have to make do with studying at a crowded Starbucks must find ways to turn off the world and focus. For many, that means listening to music. In some instances, unfortunately, music can be as distracting as conversation. By implementing soothing sounds and videos, has turned their already useful website into a supercharged productivity furnace.

Background Videos That Pop and Sizzle

While there are a few sites already online that boast moderate background noise, none have incorporated the range of choices provided by Not satisfied with putting up a single style, the site has instead given their users the freedom to choose the video that best suits their mood. Selections include:

Online Rain Backgrounds

Virtual Rain Background

The site’s various rainy day backgrounds simulate the sounds of an afternoon shower, giving users a peaceful rhythm without the slightest chance of getting wet.

Virtual Fireplace

Virtual Fireplace

With four separate videos, provides the warm atmosphere of a virtual roaring fireplace without any of the smoke or fuss!

Virtual Aquarium

Virtual Fish Tank / Aquarium

Fish swim to and fro, giving users the sounds and ambiance of a bubbling aquarium. There are several cool virtual aquarium backgrounds to choose from!

Online Washing Machines

Virtual Washing Machine Background

Anyone who grew up in a house with a washing machine can probably relate to the cozy atmosphere of clothes tumbling in the background.

Running Water Scenes

Running Water Background - Waves, Waterfall, Running Stream

Most people can agree that running water is among the most soothing sounds in nature. has those sounds (and sights!) on hand to make the workday as peaceful and calming as a babbling brook.

Shutting Out The World

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, moderate noise is superior to both low amounts and high amounts when it comes to creativity and higher-level thinking. For people who want to maximize their productivity when they sit down to complete a project, ambient background videos can be the key that unlocks the door to a rich, effective session. When combined with‘s extensive collection of timers and alarm clocks, even the most easily-distracted user can unlock their inner productivity dragon.

Of course, visitors to don’t need to be under a deadline to take advantage of the tools on display. The alarm clocks can be used as a reminder to do something later in the day. They can be used to time practice sessions or bring an end to a short catnap. The background videos are mesmerizing enough to be a point of focus all on their own, providing users with ambient sounds and images as conducive to meditation as they are a constructive work session.

Free of Hassle and Free of Charge

While a fireplace DVD may cost $5 and an alarm clock as much as $50 or more, continues to provide users with productivity tools free of charge. In fact, the creator of Online Clock got the idea for these new animated video background while strolling through the video aisles at a local Walmart and seeing various DVDs and Blu-Rays offering ambient background scenes, which to him seemed on the one hand strangely humorous but also…downright useful. True enough, he purchased a couple of these videos and tried them out at home, only to think, “Hey, what if we were to make an online version of this!”. The rest, as they say, is history.

There is no fee attached to the site’s many features, and the site is free of annoying registrations and privacy intrusions. As ever, users need only navigate to the site to experience everything has to offer!

Editor’s Note: End of Press Release 😉

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