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Online Timers -

To start off the new year the right way, has released a big, new batch of Online Timers.

A timer is a specialized type of clock. A timer can be used to control the sequence of an event or process. Whereas a stopwatch counts upwards from zero for measuring elapsed time, a timer counts down from a specified time interval, like an hourglass –Wikipedia

One minute isn’t very much time, but there are plenty of things you can do in a minute. You can send a text message, reply to an email with a quick answer or update your social network status to keep in touch with friends and family. To turn house-cleaning into a fast and fun challenge, try to complete each of the following household tasks, using a one-minute allowance for each: water a plant, clean the mirror, wipe the table off, empty the trash can and shake off a door mat. When you make a game out of housework, you’ll be surprised how much can be accomplished in a short time.

That’s why we’ve created our One Minute Timer for everyone to use online for free.

One Minute Timer -

One Minute Timer

One of the most important things you can do to improve oral health is to brush your teeth twice daily. Dentists recommend brushing thoroughly for two minutes each time. Not all people brush their teeth long enough, so use Online Clock’s helpful two-minute timer. Cooking minute-rice is also a process that can be completed in two minutes. Yes, it only takes one minute to actually cook, but measuring the water and making preparations takes about a minute. Be sure to let it sit and absorb moisture, then cool off before eating it. To try this, simply start Online Clock’s Two Minute Timer, dash to the kitchen, prepare the rice, cook it for a minute and return to see if you completed the cooking in under two minutes.

Two Minute Timer -

Two Minute Timer

Exercising vigorously for three minutes every morning has been a part of several diet or exercise plans. The challenge with this three-minute timer is good for heart health. There are several different types of exercise that don’t require any money being spent on equipment or accessories. Jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups or jogging in place are all examples that raise the heart rate and get blood circulating. To be sure the short workout is adequately timed, just start the timer and let it run until the time is up.

Three Minute Timer -

Three Minute Timer

It takes five minutes to boil an egg, make a simple batch of Artisan bread dough or broil a 3 oz. lobster tail. Perhaps not everyone reading this is interested in taking a cooking challenge on, so the next suggestion will be a fun experiment and a chance to use our Five Minute Timer.  Get a piece of paper and a pen. Take your shoes off and sit with both feet facing forward. Slowly try three separate times to move the right foot clockwise, holding the left foot still, while writing the number “6” on the paper. Avoid looking at the feet while doing that. This experiment is a mind trick; the effects are equally as perplexing as tongue twister rhymes.

Five Minute Timer -

Five Minute Timer

Nearly every household has room for some home improvement changes. Some tasks can be completed in as little as 10 minutes each – and they will help improve the appearance and functions in the home. Try changing a bathtub or sink faucet. After reading the instructions, this takes approximately 10 minutes. Changing the light switch covers and face plates for electrical outlets in each room also takes 10 minutes. Quickly testing all the smoke detectors to ensure batteries work and the detector units function correctly should take 10 minutes. Don’t believe us? Try out Ten Minute Timer and test it for yourself.

Ten Minute Timer -

Ten Minute Timer

Fifteen minutes can be spent to accomplish several things. To receive adequate Vitamin D from the sun, sit in the sun for 15 minutes before 10:00 a.m or after 4:00 p.m. Vitamin D supports healthy bones. Another activity to do in 15 minutes is clean the clutter out of a vehicle. Grab papers, trash or any other debris and put it all away or discard it. Walking around a regular-sized city block also takes 15 minutes at a steady pace. To complete two tasks at once, walk when the sun is at an optimal angle to get Vitamin D and enjoy getting exercise at the same time. It might, however, be a bit difficult to use our Fifteen Minute Timer while walking, but your more than welcome to try. 😉

Stress is one of the most harmful things to a person’s overall health. De-stressing can save a person from being shorted of several years in their lifespan; it only takes 20 minutes each day. Meditate or sit, relax and clear the mind for 20 minutes. Yoga has also been used as a stress reduction exercise. Try reading a Yoga tutorial online and doing the stances for 20 minutes. On the opposite end of the spectrum of 20-minute activities, for some excitement the dog may not appreciate, try giving the four-legged family member a bath.

The safety of children is something everyone is concerned about. Parents, babysitters, siblings and relatives should talk to the children in their lives for 25 minutes about safety. It only takes this short amount of time to explain the rules of staying safe to them. The time is definitely well invested to prevent child abductions or exploitation. An activity that is more light-hearted involves cleaning up the growing number of shows saved on TiVo or a similar device – simply watch one of them and then time yourself for twenty-five minutes. A home pedicure can be done in 25 minutes also. Soak feet in water with epsom salt for 10 minutes, then clip and clean toenails and use pumice on any calluses.

Sherman Henrickson from Nebraska was named the national corn-husking champion in 1933 for husking 27.62 bushels of corn in only 30 minutes! Most people wouldn’t be able to beat this record, but if you enjoy tough challenges, give it a try. One bushel weighs a little less than 60 pounds, so keep that in mind. Some people spend too much time with online social networks. For a reverse timing challenge, try limiting daily social network use to only 30 minutes at one designated time – no more, no less. Use our Thirty Minute Timer to keep yourself on-track. It is the perfect amount to get everything done and move on to enjoy the rest of the day.

Bird watching is a serene past-time. It is referenced in books and movies, but not many people simply take time to try it. You don’t have to leave the house or have binoculars to do it. Look out a window for 45 minutes and write down descriptions of every type of bird seen. You may be surprised at the end of the interval how many types of birds live in your yard. Everyone has useless files and programs on their computer. Try timing a 45-minute interval of concentrated removals. Browse and delete anything that isn’t needed. Clear the internet cache and delete temporary internet files. Then enjoy how much more efficiently your computer runs.

Sixty Minute Timer -

Sixty Minute Timer

Nothing could be more ironic to do in 60 minutes than watching the television show, “60 Minutes.” Try timing it to see if it is exactly 60 minutes, down to the second. Another fun challenge to complete is testing a one-hour photo lab. Take a disposable camera in – or film if you use a 35mm camera – and submit it for one-hour development. Before dropping it in, call a friend and have them activate the 60-minute timer. Have that friend call you back when the time is nearly complete; be at the customer service desk when the time ends and see if the photos are ready. In some stores, if they’re not, they’re discounted or free.

So there you have it, Clock Fans –‘s arguments regarding why you should use our brand-new Online Timers.

As with all of our other online clocks, timers, countdowns, stopwatches and time tools, they’re free for everyone to use, require no downloads or installations of any kind. Heck, we don’t even ask you to sign up or register for our website.

It’s just us – we’re like that. 😀

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