Procrastination: 15 Signs You Have A Problem

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Everyone knows that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. For this reason, we’ve asked known authority on Time Management, Dr. Acula, to take some time off from his busy research in Transylvania in order to present to you, as a public service, some of the Top Telltale Signs that YOU may be suffering from Procrastination-related problems. Don’t fall victim to this trap! Instead, use a free Online Timer to help better manage your time and simply get more done. Presents: 15 Top Symptoms of Procrastination


Top 15 Signs you have a problem- which you can take a look at a couple years from now… Maybe.

15. Car washes are vastly overrated. After all… I buy a new, used car every ten years, right? And it’s clean then… Bling bling, baby.

14. Sure, I play all the latest Smartphone games… you know, like Pac-Man? Oh-Oh no!

13. What do you mean my Halloween Decorations aren’t appropriate for Easter?

12. Went to the gym to workout today only to discover… that my membership ran out five years ago. Love handles are in anyway.

11. Finally got around to thanking everyone for their Christmas gift last year… in this year’s Christmas Card! It’s the thought that counts!

10. Finally set myself up with one of those newfangled “Email Addresses”. My hunt-and-peck method is unmatched.

9. Taxes overdue? …I thought the deadline was November 15th?! Can they just be fashionably late?

8. Contraceptives? Yeah, I thought about using ’em… Six kids ago. Ah, and I forgot to pick up Timmy from daycare…

7. You mean I have to register in advance… before I vote for the President? Surely, someone else will vote for me.

6. I kept putting off going to the dentist for so long… that I only need to go to the denture clinic now. It’s oddly liberating.

5. I was going to test the battery in my smoke detector… but it burned up in a house fire. Why must popcorn be so delicious?

4. Finally bought one of those new phones… you know, the kind that works without a cord. Next step: get a customized ringtone

3. I kept putting off doing the dishes for so long… that now there’s a whole crop of Green Stuff growing out of my sink! It’s alive! Oh, wrong movie.

2. I was going to clean my apartment two years ago but now… I’m moving out anyway. The cleaning services get paid to do it after all.

1. You finally made a call to your doctor for that health check-up… from beyond the grave. Ah ah ah, and I’m still as spry as a newborn kitten!

Do not succumb to the dangers of procrastination! Instead, try the free online timer at to get your daily tasks on track!

Thank you for using, the world’s original Online Alarm Clock… which also comes in black… and blood red. Wait, listen closely now. Here comes my big solo…

Online Clock's 15 Signs You Have a Problem with Procrastination

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