Scary Halloween Clocks

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Online Clock Presents...Scary Halloween Clocks!

Hello, Boys and Ghouls and welcome to our favorite time of year…the Countdown to Halloween!

Yes, the Countdown to Halloween has begun and before we begin presenting to you our special collection of Scary Halloween Clocks perhaps we should explain to you why Halloween holds a special place in the hearts of the creators of the world’s original Online Alarm Clock.

Back when we were kids, Halloween was the non-“goody goody” answer to Christmas.

Sure, we love Christmas too, but it sure rocks to have a holiday that’s not all about sweetness and light…and as a perfect anecdote to all of the bland over-sentimentality so often associated with Christmas.

Halloween is “bad”, dark, evil (in a fun and non-serious way) and just plain cool. If ever there was a punk rock holiday, it’d be Halloween. In a word, Halloween

Our best memories of Halloween include watching horror movie marathons, dressing up in our own home-made costumes, visiting a “haunted house” or two (spook house attractions set up to scare the wits out of you around the Halloween holiday) and, of course, eating tons of the kinds of food you loved the most but were always told to eat in moderation, if at all.

When we went out trick or treating, we used pillowcases for treat bags, because we found that they simply carried tons more candy and sweets than any other kind of bag you could take with you…and, being made out of cloth, they simply didn’t break. It was a yearly ritual for us, during and after trick or treating, to eat so much of the free candy we’d received that we’d inevitably get stomach aches and spend half of the evening in the bathroom as a result. 😕

Halloween is indeed our favorite holiday, and, to get all of you into that Halloween Spirit, we’ve scoured the web to present you a collection of the Scariest Halloween Clocks.

So, without further ado, here’s the official Online Clock Collection of Scary Halloween Clocks, presented for your fright and enjoyment. To find out more information on any of these clocks, just go to and search for the title of each clock! All clocks were found on Amazon and were actually available to purchase at the time that we wrote this.

Scary Clock Number One:  The Evil Skull Pendulum Clock

The Evil Skull Pendulum Clock

This attractively spooky pendulum clock runs on one AA battery and is 16 inches long. The coolest thing about this clock is the demon skull on the pendulum that swings back and forth with the time. Also, check out those killer demon horns at the top of the clock. Ghoulish!

Scary Clock Number Two:  The Haunted Clock

The Haunted Clock with Pendulum

Scare your friends and make new enemies with The Haunted Clock, a genuine wood clock which also has a skull pendulum (sorry, no demon skull this time) but which has a slick bat-shaped window where the pendulum appears beneath the clock face. This clock requires a bit of assembly on your part. For trendy vampires of all ages!

Scary Clock Number Three:  The Rob Zombie Halloween Movie Michael Myers Wall Clock

The Rob Zombie Halloween Movie Michael Myers Wall Clock

For us, nothing says “scary” like serial killers.  For this reason, if you really want to raise a fright on Halloween, consider decorating your home with the Rob Zombie Halloween Movie Michael Myers wall clock. As you can see, it picures a prominent photo of everyone’s favorite mad slasher, Michael Myers. From what we’ve heard, this clock is actually scarier than the film itself (sorry, Rob!).

Scary Clock Number Four:  The Grim Reaper Clock

The Grim Reaper Clock

Who knows how to party better on Halloween than the Angel of Death himself?! For that reason, we’ve included this clock in our collection. The Grim Reaper Clock displays a hideously skeletal grim reaper figure holding a clock…perhaps just to remind you that your time on earth is running out?! The Grim Reaper clock is a polyresin quartz clock six inches in height.

Scary Clock Number Five: The Misfits Wall Clock

The Misfits Wall Clock

“Twenty Eyes in my head…Twenty eyes in my hhhhead…they’re all the same!” If Halloween had an official band, it would undoubtedly be The Misfits (and please, from the time back when Glenn was the lead singer). You can show off your love of creepy music and Halloween with this Misfits Wall Clock, which displays the official “Crimson Ghost” Misfits logo character in black and white.

Scary Clock Number Six: The 13 Hour Tubular Grandfather Clock

What will you do when the clock strikes the 13th hour – die of fright? Well, this clock and the last one below it are more movie and set props than commercial clocks, apparently, but they’re so cool that we had to include them in our list of Scary Clocks. And, if you definitely are interested in obtaining one of these prop clocks, simply visit the website addresses that appear in the videos for more information.

You can’t deny it: ever since “Tubular Bells” became popular as the theme song from the classic fright film “The Exorcist”, there is simply something spooky and uncanny about the sound of tubular bells, as used for the chimes in this Halloween clock.

Please remind me not to purchase this clock for my living room.

Scary Clock Number Seven: The Haunted Props Halloween Grandfather Clock:

Yes finally, we have the Haunted Halloween Grandfather Clock, which again is actually a kind of movie or show business prop. I think you’ll agree with me when I say that this Halloween Clock is ghastly indeed. So ghastly that we cannot imagine having such a clock in our own house – this would scare the heck out of us, in the middle of the night!

But if you’re planning on turning your own home into a “haunted house” to scare the neighbors on Halloween, then this scary clock might just be de rigeur.

(In the process of writing this blog post we must’ve heard the background music from this last clock video about five times and all we can say is, “Stop it! Stop it!”, because it really is strangely gruesome. Try listening to it alone in the dark in the middle of the night, and I think you’ll see what we mean.)

So, we hope you’ve enjoyed our little presentation of Scary Halloween Clocks.

As you can tell, we intentionally did not include the cutesy and cuddly Martha Stewart Halloween clocks containing pumpkin heads that your mom would probably like.

We’re serious about Halloween, so we instead just cut right to the real deal, and attempted to show you a collection of clocks that are all actually scary in one way or another.

We look forward to counting down the time until Halloween on October 31st with all of you.

Until then we say: stay cool, Clock Ghouls!

P.S. – Does anyone recognize the clock that appears in the background of our logo at the top of this blog post? It’s a drawing representing the clock from Disney’s classic “Haunted Mansion” attraction. Just a little Halloween Clock trivia for all of you…

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