Son of Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards

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Hollywood is not the only source of sequels in this world. Online Clock can be just as uninventive. At least, that’s what we hope to prove by releasing this, a second series of our amazingly unpopular Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards! Please, try to contain your excitement…

Son Of Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards by @onlineclock

Online Clock has already polluted the world by releasing Series 1 of its Series 1 – Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards. Because we have way too much free time (and no other original ideas), we thought it’d be a good idea to create Series 2. Remember what it was like collecting Trading Cards when you were a kid? Remember how much you hate Alarm Clocks? Well, we thought (for some unknown reason) it’d be a good idea to combine the two. We ended up with something we are stupidly calling…”(Son of) Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards – Series 2“.

Collect ‘em all, and make your life lousy!

  1. Construction Site Alarm Clock
  2. Wrong Number Alarm Clock
  3. Global Warming Alarm Clock
  4. School Marching Band Alarm Clock
  5. Evil Clown Alarm Clock
  6. Spider Invasion Alarm Clock
  7. Jason Alarm Clock
  8. Black Hole Alarm Clock
  9. Too Much Coffee Alarm Clock
  10. Slenderman Alarm Clock
  11. Too Many Fluids Alarm Clock
  12. David Hasselhof Alarm Clock
  13. Cryptids Alarm Clock

We hope you’ve enjoyed our second little cruise down the River Styx. The next time you get annoyed by the beeping alarm sound you hear when using, please keep this in mind:

We don’t care !

Preview: Son Of Alarm Clock Horror Trading Cards by @onlineclock

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