Steampunk Clock Art By Sue Beatrice

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Steampunk is a term that is used to describe a specific style of art, jewelry or fashion. Its name is derived from the steam engines that are showcased in old science fiction movies. Many steampunk art pieces feature a Victorian style that utilizes both form and function. This Victorian influence is also seen in steampunk jewelry. Steampunk art can also be found in films; they feature various types of steampunk machines that were assembled using the Industrial Revolution as one of their inspirations.

One of the more interesting displays of steampunk art can be seen in watches and clocks. Often, parts of these timepieces are altered into interesting shapes and angles. This allows for the industrial characteristics that steampunk art is known for. It’s a very unique art form.

Sue Beatrice is a New Jersey artist who has worked extensively with steampunk art. Beatrice creates clock art, and her pieces are well-known and admired by many. Her work is peppered with humor, passion and an extreme amount of precision. She started working as a sculptor for the Franklin Mint at age 18. Eventually, Beatrice was able to produce professional level artwork without having to attend art school. Of course, to reach her current level of expertise, she had to practice her sculpting for many years. Beatrice is 52 now, and she has always considered herself an artist. She gave away most of her creations as a child. Friends and family cherished her early work, and they have watched her blossom into the incredible artist she is today. Later in life, Beatrice opened her own business. Over the years, she has had thousands of opportunities to work on projects with Disney. Her other clients include Warner Brothers, Waterford Crystal, Sesame Street, Nickelodeon, Danbury Mint and Crayola. Anyone would agree that her client list is quite impressive. Her exceptional abilities were born from these opportunities. The continued success of these clients hinges on talented artists such as Sue Beatrice.

It is not clear why Beatrice chose to start doing steampunk art; however, her thousands of Disney assignments may have something to do with that choice. Although steampunk art is often seen in science fiction movies, Disney films have also featured this type of art. We’ve seen it in these films as mechanical devices that move, huff, puff and sparkle; some of them actually walk and talk. It’s not that far of a stretch to conclude that her interest in this style of art may have been influenced by some of Disney’s magical animals and mechanics. Beatrice often creates sculptures of tiny creatures and insects as art pieces, and these types of characters are in keeping with the characters found in Disney movies.

Sue Beatrice uses actual parts from a wrist watch to sculpt figures. Although some alterations do occur, the figures are mostly made from the pieces of a particular watch. She repositions the pieces to make a stunning work of art. After looking at one of Beatrice’s pieces, one cannot help but wonder how she does it. Here are a few of her steampunk watch creations:

Steampunk Rabbit

Steampunk Rabbit Clock Art by Sue Beatrice

This precious creature has sapphire eyes and a round tail. It is amazing how Beatrice has taken these watch pieces and fashioned them in just the right way to create this cute little bunny. Sapphires are often found in watches and on watch stem caps.

Steampunk Lion

Steampunk Lion Clock Art by Sue Beatrice

This fierce lion has a unique appearance. The lion’s eyes are made of jewels, and they seem to stare right back at you. Beatrice was able to create much of the lion’s curly mane with balance wheels.

Steampunk Carousel Horse

Steampunk Carousel Horse Clock Art by Sue Beatrice

This fantastic horse figure is placed on a rod and attached to the center of a watch base. The horse showcases quite a few jewels, and it’s a delightful piece to ponder.

Steampunk Honeybee

Steampunk Honey Bee Clock Art by Sue Beatrice

This is a honeybee perched on a honeycomb. It appears that some outside materials were used with this piece to enhance its color and shine.

Steampunk Nymph

Steampunk Nymph Clock Art by Sue Beatrice

This is a beautiful little nymph made out of clock parts. She has tiny wings that contain wheels. Her body is perfectly shaped to resemble a fairytale creature.

Where You Can Find More of Sue Beatrice’s Work

Beatrice has a business named All Natural Arts; she also has a website. You can visit it to see all of her steampunk clocks and watches. She does other sculptures and styles of art that are just as amazing.

Although many steampunk art pieces are beautiful, unique creations can be a bit expensive. However, steampunk art and watches can be bought for a reasonable price. In fact, there are many for sale online. There are also various other types of steampunk art pieces that people enjoy collecting and putting on display throughout their homes.

Do you own some clocks so special that they might justifiably be considered art?

Or have you ever collected or made your own steampunk art?

Some steampunk art can be rather simple to put together. However, pieces like Sue Beatrice’s artwork require a high degree of skill to assemble.

If you are a steampunk enthusiast, leave a message here on the Alarm Clock Blog; we would love to hear from you!

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