Strategies For Sleeping At Work Infographic

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Most of us have to work for a living. For this reason, Online Clock brings you… Presents - Strategies For Sleeping On The Job

Getting to work on time is easy when you choose to set one of the alarms here at

Although we are helpful in getting you to work on time, we realize that you may feel tired as the day progresses. You might have days where you are at your desk working while feeling extremely sluggish. In the afternoon, you may feel as though you need a decent nap. Perhaps you even scheme about devious ways that you might be able to get away with a short snooze at work. That thought may be followed by the realization that you could be caught and reprimanded for such an action.

But maybe we can help! In an effort to put a smile on your face, we have decided to share some of our sneaky sleeping on the job tricks with you!

Here are our Strategies For Sleeping On The Job in more detail. We ask that you please memorize these…there may be a quiz later !

Power Outage

The “Power Outage” is the act of sleeping under your desk. People walking past won’t be looking down on the floor, and probably won’t even notice that you’re there. If they do, a reasonable response would be to tell them that you were checking the power source for your computer.

Avid Reader

The “Avid Reader” is the act of sleeping behind a book. To your co-workers and especially your boss, it will appear that you are hard at work researching a pressing problem. If anyone wakes you, just claim that you were so engrossed in your reading that you didn’t notice them.

Cultural Cap

The “Cultural Cap” is using an oversized hat associated with your culture to hide yourself for a nap. Make sure your coworkers know all about how important your culture is to you and how an oversized hat of some kind is traditionally worn by you and your family.

Cut & Paste

The “Cut & Paste” requires cutting out paper eyes from a magazine or printed photo. From a distance, the people at the office will think you are alert and reading things on your computer. No one will be able to tell that you are comfortably sleeping beneath your paper eyes.

New Hairdo

Pulling off the “New Hairdo” requires you to shave the top of your head and style your hair into the shape of a face. This allows you to lay your head down for a nap while still appearing to look attentively at your monitor. Tip: props such as glasses add additional realism!


For the real risk takers, the “Stand-in” takes gutsy execution but yields maximum results. The “Stand-in” requires a life-sized cutout of you in your finest work attire. Simply place the cutout at your work station, position your chair behind it and enjoy your nap.

So there you have it, folks:‘s tips, tricks and closely-guarded secrets for sleeping successfully on the job!

The entire team here at Online Clock can now relax, confident that they’ve done their part to make the world better place to live in.

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