Online Time Management Disasters

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We all love the Internet, but sometimes it can be our worst enemy…as in, those times when we actually want to get something important accomplished, but quickly get sidetracked by an online diversion. As a public service, Online Clock would like to remind you to set a Timer to avoid these common pitfalls.

Here’s a Video Version of our Infographic:’s Top 15 Online Time Management Disasters

  1.  I’ll just check Facebook one last time (Facebook addict checking Friends) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  2. I wonder what new videos they have on Amazon… (person sitting at desk surrounded by Amazon packages) – Uselessness Score: 3/3
  3. Am I still the highest bidder on eBay? (person with steam coming out of ears, looking at ‘you’ve been outbid!’ message on screen) – Uselessness Score: 1/3
  4. I wonder if those new followers unfollowed me? (secret agent peering at Twitter logo around corner) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  5. That’s it. Just one more quick game of Bejeweled (show screen of Bejeweled with a person’s head falling down instead of jewels…there are X’s for eyes) – Uselessness Score: 3/3
  6. I’ll just check to see who’s online today playing Call of Duty (skeleton full of cobwebs sitting playing Call of Duty) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  7. I wonder what’s happening on Google News right now (show person with a very long beard checking Google News) – Uselessness Score: 0/3
  8. I’ll go on Skype, but I’ll set my status to ‘Away’… (show chat screen with person chatting with dozens of people simultaneously) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  9. I’ll just check to see if I got a new Email (show person hitting ‘Refresh’ infinitely…) – Uselessness Score: 1/3
  10. Just give me two seconds to check my Tumblr… (lots of cat memes being shown on Tumblr page) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  11. What’s all the rage on Reddit right now? (rage comic: F.UUUUUUUUUUU) – Uselessness Score: 0/3
  12. Did anyone new flirt with me on my online dating website? (opening envelope with hearts & flowers & cupids flying out) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  13. Two words: Browser. Games.(Show firefox juggling balls) – Uselessness Score: 2/3
  14. Did I FINALLY get a plus on Google Plus? (Show a desert scene with tumbleweeds) – Uselessness Score: 1/3
  15. YouTube (Enough said!) – Uselessness Score: 3/3

Time Management Disasters Preview Image:
Time Management Disasters: Preview

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