The Big Wake Up Box from Colorado

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How about a big, ugly old wake up box like this right next to our bed?

How about a big, ugly old wake up box like this right next to your bed?

It’s not a big deal, but I myself am a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder (go Buffaloes!), so it was especially interesting to find a story about some kids at Colorado State University who’ve created what they’re calling the “Perfect Wake Up Machine“, which is a kind of alarm clock.

The Perfect Wake Up Machine is a big ugly box that offers a lot of different wake-up options, including:

  1. Waking you up by automatically brewing a fresh pot of coffee for you
  2. Waking you up with a buzzer and/or music (via an attached iPod)
  3. Waking you with a vibrating pillow alarm
  4. Waking you via flashing lights
  5. Waking you by removing your bed sheets rather violently
  6. Measuring temperature and humidity…and, if desired, waking you up with a change in room temperature!

But a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s take a look at the Perfect Wake Up Machine in action via their YouTube Video:

Indeed, this appears to be just the kind of crazy alarm clock that four students of mechanical engineering would come up with. At least the device actually accomplishes what they’d set out for it to do, but I still think it would’ve been cooler if they’d tried to create a new kind of alarm clock that would have a chance at being commercially successful. As readers of this blog know, so many different kinds of alarm clocks exist that it would indeed be a challenge to attempt to come up with a truly new kind of alarm clock that many people would find useful…and even be willing to purchase.

It must be said that the Wake Up Machine box itself is ugly as hell, probably proof that these guys are more like programmers than graphic designers…well, you can’t fault them for that 😉

Don’t expect the Perfect Wake Up Machine to appear in stores any time soon, it was just a college project.

Nice job, guys, but I’m sure that students from University of Colorado at Boulder’s engineering school could’ve done a much better job, hehehe.

(Like I said – Go, Buffaloes!)

No, sorry, that wasn’t at all nice. All seriousness aside – these four young people–Brian Wagner, Matthew Cuff, Ryan Seeboth and Steve Schmitt–have delivered a cool alarm clock gadget that works, and which offers a whole lot of powerful wake-up options. Great work, guys!

Congratulations to you all, and we wish you bright futures as mechanical engineers when your studies have finished!

Go Buffs!

Go Buffs!

And, by the way…did I already say this?

Go Buffaloes! (It’s never too late to transfer.)

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