What Do Clocks Mean In Dreams?

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What Do Clocks Mean in Dreams?

Wherever you go, chances are, you’ll find at least one clock.

Clocks are everywhere: in our homes, in our places of work, on our wrists, in our telephones and devices, online…and even in our dreams.

Indeed, clocks surround us – kind of like an omnipresent reminder of our own mortality. Which isn’t all bad, right? I mean, we sometimes need to be  reminded of how precious life is, so that we’ll enjoy it more and not take our time here for granted.

But when even your unconscious mind is filled with clocks, what in the world could that mean?

(Don’t worry folks – I’m not being plagued by walking clock monsters…)

What I’m talking about, of course, is when clocks appear in your dreams.

Many psychologists believe that dreams indicate a lot about what is currently occupying our thoughts and emotions. Many of the objects and symbols in dreams might indeed have deeper meanings than what they appear to be on the surface.

So if you happen to dream about clocks, or have clocks appear somewhere in your dreams, what could this possibly mean?

Well, we’ve done a little research to find out what most dream researchers think clocks mean in dreams. The results might surprise you.

Top Ten Explanations for What Clocks Mean in Dreams:

  1. Time passing
  2. Time to make a change
  3. How important time is
  4. Time is running out for something
  5. The feeling that you are not on top of things
  6. A reminder of our limitations
  7. A reminder of the need to manage your time more effectively
  8. Could indicate a need for rest or a break
  9. Growing older
  10. The need to take action

Some dream interpretations maintain that if you hear an alarm go off in your dreams, very positive things will happen to you.

But don’t just dream about it: make some positive things happen for you right now by setting a positive goal, and an alarm to go with it!

We wish you a good time with it 😉

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